Tucson’s Fallen Heroes

This is our tribute to those who have sacrificed themselves to protect and defend the United States. Too often, we forget that our freedom was purchased with the blood of others. These who have received the Purple Heart, and were killed in action should not be forgotten. General John Logan’s comments when he proclaimed Decoration Day (now Memorial Day) in 1868 are still appropriate. “We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. …

Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.”

All Gave Some ~ Some Gave All

To view a photo and mini-biography of each of these fallen visit the Tucson Sentinel 

 Hostile Action    
 Martin R. Barreras Command Sgt Major Army 5/13/14 Afghanistan
 Nicholas L. McCaskill Chief Master Sergeant Air Force Reserve 4/6/13 Afghanistan
 Ryan J. Savard Sergeant 1st Class Army 10/13/12 Afghanistan
Orion N. SparksStaff SergeantArmy 9/26/12 Afghanistan
 Nathan J. Nylander Captain Air Force 4/27/11 Afghanistan
 Robert J. Near Private 1st Class Army 1/7/11 Afghanistan
 James E. Thode Sergeant 1st Class UT ARNG 12/2/10 Afghanistan
 Randy R. Braggs Lance Corporal Marine Corps 11/6/10 Afghanistan
 Todd M. Harris Sergeant 1st Class Army 11/5/10 Afghanistan
 Martin Lugo Sergeant Army 8/19/10 Afghanistan
 Christopher J. Moon Specialist Army 7/13/10 Afghanistan
 Christopher M. Adams Specialist Army 6/11/10 Afghanistan
 Benjamin D. White Airman Air Force 6/9/10 Afghanistan
 Michael P. Flores Technical Sergeant Air Force 6/9/10 Afghanistan
 Justine T. Gallegos Sergeant Army 10/3/09 Afghanistan
 Timothy L. Bowles Staff Sergeant Air Force 3/15/09 Afghanistan
 David L. Hurt Master Sergeant Army 2/23/09 Afghanistan
 Charles P. Gaffney Jr. Corporal Army 12/24/08 Afghanistan
 Joseph F. Gonzales Private Army 9/20/08 Afghanistan
 Stewart S. Trejo Corporal Marine Corps 8/7/08 Afghanistan
 Robert C. Hammett Chief Warrant Officer Army 6/24/08 Iraq
 Victor M. Cota Sergeant Army 5/14/08 Iraq
 Ernesto G. Cimarrusti Staff Sergeant Army 3/10/08 Afghanistan
 Gary D. Willett Sergeant Army 2/8/08 Iraq
 Charles R. Browning Staff Sergeant AZ ARNG 5/31/07 Afghanistan
 Ismael G. Solorio Specialist Army 4/9/07 Iraq
 Damian Lopez-Rodriquez Staff Sergeant Army 4/6/07 Iraq
 Christopher R. Brevard Sergeant 1st Class Army 3/16/07 Iraq
 Darrel Kasson Staff Sergeant AZ ARNG 3/4/07 Iraq
 Alan E. McPeek Specialist Army 2/2/07 Iraq
 Victor M. Langarica Corporal Army 1/20/07 Iraq
 Sean Fennerty Sergeant Army 1/20/07 Iraq
 Russell P. Borea Sergeant 1st Class Army 1/19/07 Iraq
 Collin R. Schockmel Specialist Army 1/16/07 Iraq
 Budd M. Cote Lance Corporal Marine Corps 12/2/06 Iraq
 Casey L. Mellen Corporal Army 9/25/06 Iraq
 Chadwick T. Kenyon Hospitalman Navy 8/20/06 Iraq
 Mark R. Vecchione Sergeant Army 7/18/06 Iraq
 Bobby Mendez First Sergeant Army 4/27/06 Iraq
 Brandon S. Schuck Corporal Marine Corps 2/6/06 Iraq
 Thomas H. Byrd Specialist Army 10/15/05 Iraq
 Kenneth E. Hunt Jr. Master Sergeant Marine Corps 10/12/05 Iraq
 Kenneth G. Ross Sergeant Army 9/25/05 Afghanistan
 Sam W. Huff Private 1st Class Army 4/17/05 Iraq
 Tina S. Time Sergeant Army Reserve 12/13/04 Iraq
 Joshua E. Lucero Corporal Marine Corps 11/27/04 Iraq
 Carson J. Ramsey Private Army 10/10/04 Iraq
 Robert O. Unruh Specialist Army 9/25/04 Iraq
 Jeffrey D. Lawrence Corporal Marine Corps 7/6/04 Iraq
 Robert P. Zurheide Jr. Lance Corporal Marine Corps 4/12/04 Iraq
 Michael Merila Sergeant Army 2/16/04 Iraq
 Benjamin Biskie Sergeant Army 12/24/03 Iraq
 Christopher Nason Chief Warrant Officer Army 11/23/03 Iraq
 Issac Campoy Specialist Army 10/28/03 Iraq
 Sean K. Cataudella Sergeant Army 8/30/03 Iraq
 Raymond Losano Airman 1st Class Air Force 4/25/03 Afghanistan
 Aron C. Blum Sergeant Marine Corps 12/28/06 
 Scott J. Mullen Specialist Army 10/14/05 
 Gilbert A. Munoz Captain Army 2/9/05