We honor these recipients of the Purple Heart who are no longer with us. We are proud of their service and sacrifice to our Nation, to her citizens, and to their fellow servicemen and servicewomen. The Purple Heart signifies one thing…”sacrifice.”  Whenever one sees the Purple Heart, know that it represents a combat wound and the blood that has been shed in defense of our Nation.  Thank you to our departed Patriots for their service to our chapter. 

Note: Chapter Commander names are in bold letters.

 NameCity/StatePassing Age Military Service
 Marcus J. Marlow Sierra Vista, AZ08/15/22  79 Vietnam – Army
 Edward L. Christiansen Tucson, AZ07/14/22  77 Vietnam – Army
 Bailey Stauffer Safford, AZ04/22/22  74 Vietnam – Army
 Joseph M. Smelt Sierra Vista, AZ12/05/21  74 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Willis E. Young Yates City, MI06/19/2196 WWII – Army (POW)
 Randolfo V. Lopez Tucson, AZ01/29/2170 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Dennis R. Wall Oro Valley, AZ01/18/2177 Vietnam – Army
 Mickey G Kocher Green Valley, AZ12/27/2085 Vietnam – Army
 Henry Brown-Otter Tucson, AZ09/14/2081 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Rafael A. Duron Tucson, AZ08/07/20  92 Korea – Army
 Eben N. Smith Tucson, AZ07/18/2097 WWII – Marine Corps
 Roger L. Warrick Sierra Vista, AZ02/06/20  80 Vietnam – Army
 Lawrence Rushing Tucson, AZ12/17/19  89 Korea – Army
 Ervin A. Buchler Alma, MI11/07/19  72 Vietnam – Army
 Wendell W. Fenn (BG) Tucson, AZ11/04/19  97 WWII – Army
 Norman F. Sponcey Sierra Vista, AZ05/10/19  90 Korea -Marine Corps
 James W. Larson Tucson, AZ01/24/19  94 WWII – Army
 Ralph A. Grant Tucson, AZ09/18/18  85 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Patrick Michael Ryan Tucson, AZ09/12/18  68 Vietnam – Army
 Enrique “Ricky” Mayer Tucson, AZ09/09/18  35 Iraq -Marine Corps
 Joe T. Stroud Tucson, AZ08/20/18  73 Vietnam – Army
 Francis R. Obrien Tucson, AZ06/28/18  95 WWII – Marine Corps
 Bert Q. Rincon Tucson, AZ06/15/18  87 Korea – Marine Corps
 Miguel A. Arivizu Sierra Vista, AZ06/05/18  88 Korea – Marine Corps
 Pablo L. Garcia Ajo, AZ03/12/18  86 Korea – Marine Corps
 Joseph N. Hite III Tucson, AZ12/28/17  69 Vietnam – Army
 Charles M. Shackleford Tucson, AZ12/18/17  91 WWII – Navy
 Gilbert V. Romero Tucson, AZ04/15/1787 Korea – Army
 Norman G. Jensen Tucson, AZ02/09/1791 WWII – Navy
 Jonas D. Eldridge Tucson, AZ01/15/1782 Korea – Army
 James F. Doner Tucson, AZ12/21/16  76 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 William R. Aumock New Berlin, WI12/08/16  92 WWII – Marine Corps
 Arnold V Ramos Jr. Casa Grande, AZ11/27/16  69 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Kerry D. Inman Tucson, AZ07/26/16  65 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Robert J. Hines Tucson, AZ04/19/16  77 Vietnam – Army
 Antonio Garcia Murrieta, CA04/12/16  77 Vietnam – Army
 Arthur K. Dorfman Tucson, Az02/23/1691 WWII – Marine Corps
 Marshall W. Baird Oracle, AZ12/18/15  92 WWII – Army
 Charles B. Plummer Tucson, AZ12/06/1591 WWII – Army
 Leon Elmer Tracy Margate, FL10/08/1593 WWII – Army
 Frank Sproule Tucson, AZ09/30/1591 WWII – Army
 John Malkowski Green Valley, AZ08/14/15  93 WWII – Marine Corps
 Mathias J. Martin Chandler, AZ07/06/1590 WWII/Korea – Air Force
 Michael B. Foster Sr. Tucson, AZ06/05/15 74 Vietnam – Army
 Melvin O. Linderman Tucson, AZ05/07/15  67 Vietnam – Army
 Orville R. Abney Tucson, AZ02/14/1591 WWII – Army
 George Miller Tucson, AZ12/25/14  92 WWII – Marine Corps
 David K. Warman Tucson, AZ12/21/14  76 Vietnam – Air Force
 Lyle A. Gupton Roseburg, OR12/16/14  91 WWII -Air Force
 Francisco S. Cordero Mesa, AZ09/17/1485 Korea – Army
 Esequiel C. Benavidez Tucson, AZ08/28/1469 Vietnam – Army
 Vincent F. Corrao Tucson, AZ08/18/1481 Korea – Army
 Edward E. Eppley Tucson, AZ07/15/14  89 WWII – Air Force
 James M. Muzrall Green Valley, AZ02/22/14  92 WWII – Army
 Warren C. Traweek Tucson, AZ03/31/1471 Vietnam – Army
 Ernest C. Felix Tucson, AZ03/30/1488 WWII – Army
 Lloyd R. Hutchinson Tucson, AZ01/25/14  62 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Ralph B. Rivera Amado, AZ01/14/1489 WWII – Army
 Lloyd E. Polan Montville, NJ12/31/1396 WWII – Army
 Anthony L. Wotkyns Tucson, AZ12/07/1375 Vietnam – Army
 Gordon E. Moore Chico, CA11/28/1393 WWII – Army
 Lewis A. Sleeper Jr. Tucson, AZ09/13/1391 WWII – Army
 Terry N. Vaughn Tucson, AZ08/13/1362 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Franklin D. R. Kestner Tucson, AZ08/19/1380 Korea – Army (POW)
 Jack Ariola Corning, AR07/30/1390 WWII – Army
 Anthony F. Lalli Tucson, AZ07/16/1394 WWII – Army
 Arthur K. Jacobsen Tarzana, CA04/04/1392 WWII – Army
 James W. Welcher Tucson, AZ02/14/1389 WWII – Army
 John A. Bersell Oro Valley, AZ2013  64 Vietnam – Army
 Donald E. Williams Hereford, AZ12/24/12  91 WWII – Army Air Corps
 Harold R. Erickson Tucson, AZ11/29/1283 Korea – Army
 Edwin Agostini  Tucson, AZ11/25/12  62 Vietnam – Army
 John Cevaal Birmingham, MI10/25/1294 WWII – Army
 A.V. Johnson Tucson, AZ10/02/12  79 Vietnam – Air Force
 Ernest Montoya Tucson, AZ09/13/12  83 Korea – Army
 Raymond R. Battreall Sierra Vista, AZ07/06/1285 WWII/Vietnam – Army
 John Fickett Chicago, IL06/12/22  93 WWII – Marine Corps
 William D. Eckard Tucson, AZ05/07/1287 WWII – Army
 George F. Nunez Tucson, AZ02/02/1289 WWII – Army
 Billy N. Barnett Mesa, AZ02/01/1281 Korea – Marine Corps
 Carl D. Swallow Tucson, AZ01/15/1294 WWII – Army
 Carl W. Clark Tucson, AZ01/01/1287 Korea – Marine Corps
 Edward Lamb Phoenix, AZ11/05/1185 WWII – Army
 Jack E. Ayers Tucson, AZ10/11/1182 Vietnam – Air Force
 George H. Ernst Green Valley, AZ08/27/1187 WWII – Army
 Earl N. Colbey Buckeye, AZ08/22/1181 Korea – Army
 Findlay E. Russell, MD Phoenix, AZ08/21/1192 WWII – Army
 Cleveland Hall Tucson, AZ07/15/1186 WWII – Army
 Alex B. Rodela Safford, AZ07/11/1181 Korea – Army
 George W. Peterson Tucson, AZ07/07/1187 WWII – Army
 Donald A. Hippel Tucson, AZ07/01/1186 WWII – Army
 Edward E. Boyles Tucson, AZ06/17/1193 WWII – Army
 John E. Robinson Tucson, AZ06/16/1179 Vietnam – Army
 Avery J. Miller Tucson, AZ03/02/1189 WWII – Air Force
 Richard F. Archer San Angelo, TX01/31/11  88 WWII – Army
 Alfred E. Hussey Tucson, AZ01/03/1189 WWII – Navy
 William A. Moser Veradale, WA12/11/1087 WWII – Air Force
 Lee Louis Field England, UK11/05/1081 Korea – Army
 Richard A. Merrick Tucson, AZ10/22/1080 Korea – Army
 Ned S. Robinson Tucson, AZ09/03/1088 WWII – Marine Corps
 William R. Davis Tucson, AZ08/25/1061 Vietnam – Army
 Verlyn H. Peterson Tucson, AZ06/10/1084 WWII – Navy
 Elroy F. AndersonTucson, AZ05/13/1087 WWII – Army
 George W. SkeelsGreen Valley, AZ04/03/1085 WWII – Army
 Arthur E. MerchantTucson, AZ03/10/1095 WWII – Army
 Joseph J. LobrilloTucson, AZ02/08/1061 Vietnam – Army
 Sebert S. HuffmanKenna, WV01/10/1088 Korea – Marine Corps
 Harry A. CornellPrescott, AZ11/30/0993 WWII – Army
 Robert R. PrikosovitsTucson, AZ11/18/0960 Vietnam – Army
 George P. KnoxTucson, AZ11/07/09 81 WWII – Air Force
 Wayne F. UmphressTucson, AZ09/19/0989 WWII – Army
 James L. GraingerTucson, AZ09/07/0961 Vietnam – Army
 Herbert R. OxnamTucson, AZ07/13/0980 Korea – Marine Corps
 Verlyn A. NelsonGreen Valley, AZ05/31/0964 Vietnam – Army
 Homer J. DechaineTucson, AZ05/29/0990 WWII – Army
 Paul M. DixonTucson, AZ05/16/0963 Vietnam – Army
 Duane B. SeamanTucson, AZ  05/11/0993 WWII – Air Force
 Leonard E. GriffithTucson, AZ04/29/0986 WWII – Army
 Canute E. De NogeanTucson, AZ02/17/0984 WWII – Army
 Verdon P. BooneCasa Grande, AZ01/04/0988 WWII – Navy
 Chester L. SmithTucson, AZ12/16/0881 Korea – Army
 Clifford L. BeattyPlano, TX08/22/0886 Korea – Army
 John G. TapiaTucson, AZ06/28/0869 Vietnam – Army
 Edward M. BatesPhoenix, AZ04/28/0888 WWII – Air Force
 Rudolph W. CooperManassas, VA04/25/0885 Vietnam – Army
 David C. ShopeTucson, AZ02/27/0882 WWII – Army
 Louis M AlvarezTucson, AZ02/22/0888 WWII – Army
 Thomas J. WilkesSaint Helena, CA02/03/0887 WWII – Navy
 David H. StaleyTucson, AZ11/01/07  68 Vietnam – Army
 Donald M. KeederTucson, AZ10/03/07  86 WWII – Army
 Paul FranklinTucson, AZ09/01/0787 Korea – Air Force
 Wilfred R. OhnesorgenTucson, AZ07/28/0783 WWII – Army
 Cipriano C. AyalaNogales, AZ01/20/0761 Vietnam- Army
 James R. BuxtonTucson, AZ12/27/0684 WWII – Army
 Fernando C. MorenoTucson, AZ08/25/0676 Korea – Army
 Arthur D. DroegemeierTucson, AZ08/07/0683 WWII – Air Force
 Laird GuttersenTucson, AZ06/13/0681 WWII – Air Force
 Leroy L. AskeSaddlebrooke, AZ03/31/0685 Korea – Army
 Victor WaskiewiczTucson, AZ03/29/0658 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Vernon M. CoxTucson, AZ03/24/0687 WWII – Air Force
 Ira W. AustinTopeka, KS02/26/0687 WWII – Army
 Jack W. BeckmanTucson, AZ01/30/0683 WWII – Army
 Edward GwynnPhoenix, AZ01/06/0662 Vietnam – Army
 Rosalie S. MarkleyHarrisburg, PA12/14/0589 WWII – Army
 Albert A. MallisTucson, AZ10/30/0580 WWII – Army
 Raymond GibsonTucson, AZ04/11/05  84 WWII – Army
 James W. ReganTucson, AZ01/31/0584 WWII – Air Force
 Samuel R. KerleyTucson, AZ01/21/0591 WWII – Army
 Howard SlovackTucson, AZ11/15/0480 WWII – Marine Corps
 Joseph PetersTucson, AZ  10/10/04  Army
 Richard O. KiserTucson, AZ09/27/0481 WWII – Army
 W. Weldon WarrickTucson, AZ09/25/0482 WWII – Army
 Robert G. SolteroTucson, AZ09/22/0454 Vietnam – Army
 Walter L. LedererTucson, AZ04/14/0486 WWII – Army
 Clarence G. CharlestonMesa, AZ03/25/0482 WWII – Marine Corps
 Herbert T. GordonTucson, AZ01/02/0475 Vietnam – Army
 Sheldon M. BlattLoveland, CO09/21/03 80 WWII – Army
 Charles L. HathawayTucson, AZ09/21/03  71 Korea – Army
 Thomas P. HeuserTucson, AZ  07/25/0380 WWII – Army
 Charles L. GiffordTucson, AZ07/17/0379 WWII – Army
 Ralph E. SmithTucson, AZ06/30/0377 WWII – Army
 David A. RuelasTucson, AZ06/24/0357 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Perry U. ZemlickaTucson, AZ05/11/0381 WWII – Marine Corps
 Donald C. HornerTucson, AZ04/03/0379 WWII – Army
 Miley R. CrabteeTucson, AZ11/24/02  84 WWII – Army
 Warren W. CanrightTucson, AZ02/24/0280 WWII – Army
 Eugene A. FehligHelena, MT03/31/0282 WWII – Navy
 Leo F. WhiteAlma, MI02/24/0284 WWII – Air Force
 Joe B HernandezTucson, AZ05/29/02  75 Korea – Army
 William G. FarleyTucson, AZ01/31/02  83 WWII – Army
 Richard R. AlmadaTucson, AZ12/27/0177 WWII – Army
 Courtney GwinTucson, AZ  07/10/0178 WWII – Army
 Ernest R. AvilesTucson, AZ05/27/0179 WWII – Navy
 Douglas J. BolTucson, AZ05/10/0165 Vietnam – Army
 Samuel J. KobernickTucson, AZ01/17/0183 WWII – Army
 John M. HughesTucson, AZ11/04/00  80 WWII – Army
 Henry B. MattyTucson, AZ10/22/0077 WWII – Air Force
 William R. DavisTucson, AZ08/25/0051 Vietnam – Army
 Frederick J. BeamishTucson, AZ06/17/0079 WWII – Army
 Lawrence B. SeifnerTucson, AZ06/17/0074 WWII – Army
 James E. HolderTucson, AZ04/15/0079 WWII – Army
 George A. ButlerElmhurst, IL02/28/0080 WWII – Marine Corps
 Claude L. MaineMesa, AZ02/26/0074 WWII – Army (POW)
 Jack M. HeflinColorado Springs, CO12/17/99  75 WWII – Army
 Vernon R. NelsonPhoenix, AZ09/15/9980 WWII -Army
 Eduardo LaraTucson, AZ Jul 199964 Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Eugene E. RiesterTucson, AZ 05/16/9973 WWII -Army
 Lawrence L. KrumwiedeTucson, AZ 05/12/9981 WWII -Army
 Arthur L. LewallenTucson, AZ 04/24/9977 WWII -Army
 Donald C. O’HalloranShow Low, AZ04/09/9975 WWII – Army
 Leslie E. PriebSan Antonio, TX04/05/99  74 WWII – Air Force
 Richard E. BelfordSan Manuel, AZ03/20/9965 Korea – Marine Corps
 James F. BeckerTucson, AZ02/06/9950 Vietnam – Navy
 Richard P. SloviaczekPhoenix, AZ12/07/9881 WWII -Army
 Michael J. JoyceTucson, AZ11/04/9874 WWII -Army
 Franklin L. NemitzTucson, AZ09/21/9876 WWII – Army
 Howard E. RaatzPearce, AZ06/13/9876 WWII -Army
 Wayne E. St. OresTucson, AZ05/27/9876 WWII -Army
 Dale P. EnglishTucson, AZ04/05/9876 WWII – Army
 Dominick TuaTucson, AZ09/15/9789 WWII – Army
 Francis J. HilcoskeOkeana, OH08/12/9772 WWII – Army
 James R. ScrivenTucson, AZ08/08/9777 WWII – Marine Corps
 Roberto H. LizardiTucson, AZ07/01/9769 Korea – Army
 Ernest E. AdrianTucson, AZ05/23/9773 WWII – Army
 Clifford L. MoesTucson, AZ05/13/9779 Korea – Air Force
 Raymond WiltonPhoenix, AZ01/13/9789 WWII – Navy
 Frederick M. IngramTucson, AZ02/24/9770 WWII – Army
 Harold KatzTucson, AZ02/22/9771 WWII – Army
 Kenneth S. TurkingtonHilton, NY12/01/9671 WWII – Army
 Edward TappanSonoita, AZ10/01/9675 WWII – Air Force
 Wilmer D. MartinTucson, AZ09/14/9678 WWII – Army
 Cleveland HallTucson, AZ08/24/9681 WWII – Army
 Richard T. LoomsTucson, AZ06/06/9677 WWII – Air Force
 Francis M. BunchSan Manuel, AZ05/18/9674 WWII – Army
 Leo J. CorbyTucson, AZ11/18/9574 WWII – Army
 Earl E. BaumgartAlpena, MI11/02/95 72 WWII – Army
 Louis E. KoussaTucson, AZ07/21/9573 WWII – Army
 Orin D. SmithTucson, AZ06/27/95 78  WWII – Navy
 James H. PhillipsTucson, AZ06/22/9571 WWII – Air Force
 Robert L. LongTucson, AZ05/04/9575 WWII – Air Force
 Deryl B. ZumwaltTualatin, OR02/08/9579 WWII – Army
 Christopher WatsonTucson, AZ12/16/9446 Vietnam – Army
 Robert J. NavasTucson, AZ05/15/94 69  Vietnam – Marine Corps
 Justin J. SmithTucson, AZ04/26/9466 Korea – Army
 Lonnie W. HicksGreen Valley, AZ02/24/9476 WWII – Army
 Clarence SkidmoreAshboro, NC02/06/9466 WWII – Army
 Adolph C. MirandaTucson, AZ 01/12/9469 WWII – Army
 George E. MoormanTucson, AZ11/12/9371 WWII – Air Force
 Bill ‘Will’ RogersTubac, AZ07/12/9381 WWII – Army
 Lawrence W. LathropTucson, AZ07/07/9378 WWII – Air Force
 Fred J. PicketSun City, AZ05/24/9380 WWII
 Peter J. AttarianTucson, AZ199363 Vietnam – Air Force
 Norman L. ShapiroTucson, AZ10/30/9266 WWII – Army
 Harold JorgensenPhoenix, AZ09/02/9270 WWII – Army
 Charles E. WillerupTucson, AZ08/15/9272 WWII – Air Force (POW)
 Charles E. TwomeySierra Vista, AZ07/17/92  56 Vietnam – Army
 Marvin O. LarsonTucson, AZJul 92  WWII – Army
 Durward F. DraggerTucson, AZ04/08/9269 WWII – Army
 Cyril RonkowskiHastings Center, NY03/14/9267 WWII – Marine Corps
 Joseph H. EbnerTucson, AZ02/28/9280 WWII – Army
 James G. WorthenPhoenix, AZ02/23/9263 WWII/Vietnam – Army
 James C. PaulShawnee, KS1992  WWII – Army
 Charles E. BairdTucson, AZ11/21/9167 WWII – Army
 Larry J. JaskoviakLos Alamitos, CA11/16/9178 WWII – Army
 Robert C. HunterBisbee, AZ10/01/91  Army
 Joseph R. MartinTucson, AZ 09/19/9175 Korea – Army
 Harold W. LilleyMarysville, AR09/02/91  69 WWII – Army
 Ora E. Le HewTucson, AZ05/06/9183 WWII- Army
 Andrew P. SandagerTucson, AZ05/06/9181 WWII – Army
 Matthew J. SanzaEagar, AZ03/25/9167 WWII – Navy
 John C. MealkaTucson, AZ03/05/9170 WWII/Korea – Air Force
 Robert E. CampbellTucson, AZ10/19/9077 WWII – Army
 Ralph WilkersonYuma, AZ09/25/9078 WWII – Army
 Donald M. MunhallTucson, AZ09/15/9067 WWII – Army
 John G. GloverTucson, AZ05/13/9075 WWII – Air Force
 John H. MillerTucson, AZMay 90  WWII – Army
 James B. MichaelSilver Spring, MDFeb 9066 Vietnam – Army
 Garner J. HooperTucson, AZ02/26/8966 Vietnam – Army
 Ray PricePhoenix, AZ01/11/8974 WWII
 Robert E. HunterSun City, AZ09/25/8873 WWII
 Franklin G. SappTucson, AZ06/09/8866 WWII
 Sam T. SarpolusTucson, AZ01/10/8870 WWII – Army Air Corps
 Reinholdt BresterTucson, AZ10/07/8770 WWII – Air Force
 Edward VanDeusenOgilvie, MNSep 8775 WWII – Army
 Vincent ArnoldCasa Grande, AZJul 8770 WWII
 Eugene F. SparksTucson, AZJan 8754 WWII
 Melvin ToddTucson, AZSep 8575 WWII
 Alberto HigueraTucson, AZ03/02/8569 WWII – Army
 Norman R. LewisTucson, AZ12/17/8470 WWII
 Gilbert GutierrezTucson, AZ08/26/8454 Korea – Army
 Ricki RarickTucson, AZJul 8471 WWII – Air Force (POW)
 Jack FergusonTucson, AZ Nov 8363 WWII
 Howard CorbinTucson, AZSep 8363 WWII
 Jack MedfordTucson, AZ Nov 8264 WWII – Army
 Ruben VillegasTucson, AZNov 8260 WWII
 Walter GriebelTucson, AZ Mar 8063 WWII

 Rest in Peace